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Your Child/Adult Weekend Camping and Main Arena Access ticket includes access to the campsite and a tent pitch from Thursday through to Monday midday.

The campsite opens Thursday 18th July from 1200hrs to 2000hrs This is at no additional cost to give you an extra day to set up and settle in. Please do not arrive after 2000hrs as you cannot be checked in.

Campers are welcome to check in to our campsite at the following times over the weekend;
Friday 19th July – 0900hrs – 2100hrs
Saturday 20th July – 0900hrs – 2100hrs
Sunday 21st July – 1000hrs – 2100hrs.

Campers need to vacate by 1700hrs on Monday 22nd July 2024.

You will not be able to park alongside your tent. Cars are not allowed beyond the main car park. We advise you bring a camping trolley. We will not be offering one night camping so we highly recommend you purchase your weekend ticket. We have plenty of space available for groups of campers and safe for children to run around. The campsite will be lit by tower lights, but we would recommend you bring torches as some areas will be dark. We will have stewards and security patrolling the campsite throughout the weekend. We cannot guarantee the security of your camping equipment, vehicle, and personal belongings.

Caravans, Campervans & Trailer Tents

We welcome caravans, campervans & trailer tents. These are an add-on to your weekend ticket so please don’t forget to purchase your Live In Vehicle Pass HERE.

You will be allocated a 9 x 6m pitch which needs to accommodate your live-in vehicle and awning. You need to ensure everything fits within that space. If your live-in vehicle is extra-large please contact the team to advise. [email protected] We don’t provide electricity or water hook ups, but we have facilities for waste and access to fresh water.


We are delighted to welcome back Victoria Lily Events with their Bell Tents to Chiddfest Music & Beer Festival 2024. The Glamping Bell Tent area is located just a short walk away from the main arena. You will be directed to your own parking area and your parking tickets are included in your booking as well as toilet facilities. For more information & tickets, please press the button below...

BBQs & Fire Pits

We welcome outdoor cooking but we ask your BBQ is off the ground on blocks, away from the grass and attended at all times. Please ensure once finished it is extinguished properly.

We do not allow fire pits, flares, fireworks, Chinese lanterns, etc. For you own safety we will have stewards and security patrolling throughout that weekend. Please note we reserve the right to ban the use of BBQ’s at any time should we deem it a safety concern.

Wellbeing Tent


For the first time this year we are holding Yoga sessions in the camping feild for our campers, to get you ready for the day ahead. We are very pleased to introduce Grace. "I have been practising yoga for 25 years and teaching for 20, I am a qualified and insured teacher as well as a lifelong student. My mission is to enhance the quality of your life through the cultivation of peace and unity with the intention to be comfortable physically, steady mentally, stable emotionally and connect to the spiritual aspect of self. I am a post lineage, modern postural yoga teacher with influences from Ashtanga to Vedanta via Scaravelli and Satyananda plus I love to chant Hare Krishna. I have travelled in India, Australia and Wales staying in ashrams, following the yoga path and learning about the philosophy, science and practice of yoga." Please bring your yoga mats and blocks with you.

Sound Healing

Many cultures have used the Ancient Art of Sound Healing for healing and transformation. Combined with an intention for healing these sessions can bring about powerful change affecting us on every level. Sound Healing stimulates the brain to make changes that increase our abilities in the following areas: * stress reduction through deep relaxation and endorphin release. * liberates and heals emotional traumas locked within the subconscious. * profound effect on acupuncture meridians. * activates self-healing mechanisms within the body. * promotes deeper sleep. * aura cleansing/auric alignment.

Every cell in our bodies

Every cell in our bodies is aware of perfect rhythm since we are all nourished by the life- sustaining rhythms of breath and heartbeat. Using Sound Therapy (Vibrational Therapy) creates sympathetic sound waves in every cell; transformation happens at this cellular level, as our bodies are more than 70% water, and each vibration ripples through our bodies, creating relaxation and re-balancing, similar to the ripples that are created when we throw a stone into water. The Tibetan Bowls create a sound frequency that supports our brains to move into a meditative state where we have ability to heal, align and return us to our intuitive understanding, stepping aside of ourselves allows us to truly listen to our bodies. This Theta brainwave stage (meditative stage) resonates at the same frequency as the earth's frequency. This is also why I am passionate about land and home healing (see page), to keep our frequencies vibrating at their optimum. Not only is sound therapy an a restorative vibrational therapy, you get to lie down and immerse yourself in a state of relaxation whilst the sounds wash through you creating healing and re-balance.

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Showers, Toilets & Water Points

You will find plenty of toilets in the campsite and a block of showers which are all included in your ticket price. All these facilities are serviced throughout the weekend. We highly recommend you bring additional toilet roll with you. We also provide a chemical waste point which will be signed posted in the car park field. You will find water points in the campsite and car park area which will be clearly sign posted.


Chiddfest is a small festival so accessibility to the main arena and facilities are very good for those with disabilities and additional needs. We have experienced over the years it can be very wet under foot as access to the festival is over grass so, please bear that in mind. If you have a disability and plan to attend Chiddfest we would like to hear from you so we can understand your access needs. Please email the team: [email protected]

We offer a Complimentary Carers Ticket provided you are entitled to Disability Living Allowance or in receipt of Personal Independence Payments or hold a Blue Badge. If you would like to book a Complimentary Carers Ticket, please book your tickets in the normal way via the ticket page on our website, complete the questions required and email your evidence to our team at: [email protected].


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